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Survivors Victims Reach Out Get Help

Nightmares, Anxiety, Flashbacks – Why we get them?

The aftermath of rape is painful and can haunt us for years… decades… even a life time. It is our body’s way of telling us ...


Radio Live Interview: Speaking out and going public

Going public with my story was one of the scariest things I've had to do, and to be interviewed on national radio...Whoa I was so ...


Survivor Story: I fell pregnant to my rapist while in high school

" I fell pregnant to my rapist in high school. I’m 21 years old and am now fighting for my son back. Okay where do I start? I ...

Good Parents

A Parent’s Trust

Parents: But Who Can I Trust? I feel uncomfortable writing this post but it is an important topic. I don’t want to put fear into parents, but it is an important issue and it is important to raise awareness on this matter. Especially if you are a parent, it is particularly unimaginable to think ...

Secrets make you sick

Hot Topic: Psychotherapist’s Views on Name Suppression

Kyle MacDonald is a psychotherapist who has a regular feature on RadioLive. He has been involved with helping people with dealing with Child Sexual Abuse trauma for many years and our mission has sparked his interest! Whoohoo! Here at The Strength to Survive, we believe that every adult survivor ...

Gult shame self loath - self love tip

Guilt, Shame and Self-loath

This is a very common emotion for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse to have. There could be many reason why you might blame yourself. I should have done more. I should have fought back. I must be the bad person….  To heal yourself you need to put the BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS! You ...

I just want to be normal

I Just Want To Be “Normal”

  I just want to be NORMAL! What is “normal” anyway? As a young teen, for me “normal” was having regular teen problems. I wanted to be like my other friends and worry about what to wear or which boys at school were the cutest. But that simply was not my life. Growing up, I ...